I’m Trish and this is just a place for me to keep all my D&D stuff online. I’m Dungeon Master for a regular D&D group and I like to make up my own campaigns. Below you can find stuff that I’ve created and stuff I’ve found useful as a DM and as a player.

All stuff is for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition unless stated otherwise.

Sometimes I hang out on the Falconiers chat rooms on Slack, so you can chat to me there.

My stuff

All resources are for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition unless stated otherwise. Dungeons & Dragons is trademarked by Wizards of the Coast. All of these resources were created by Trish Khoo for free use.


Character cover sheets

I made these cover sheets to put on top of regular character sheets as an attempt to encourage more roleplaying in my group. Images not owned by me. The template is made with Canva so you will need a Canva account to duplicate the file and modify it for your own use.

Character cover sheet template


Seafaring campaign

I created these guides as rulesets for a campaign set on the high seas. They contain rules taken from the Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide and various online resources including Reddit threads, blog posts and chat rooms. All of the rules taken from the official guides are just for quick reference by the players in-game – there’s nothing worse than stopping the game to look through books to see many rounds you can hold your breath for.

In my experience, players don’t like to read a lot of stuff before a game so just hand out a few copies of the guide for easy reference during the game. It has sections for crew member responsibilities, ship combat, local places to explore and other useful things that players will want to know if they’ve never roleplayed a sailing expedition before and know nothing about boats.

I’ve tried to make the DM’s job as easy as possible by delegating stuff to the players. For instance, players can determine the weather each day by rolling against a weather conditions table.

Seafaring adventurer’s guide
Seafaring DM’s guide

The Beaks of Ruin

Chicken-themed hijinks. It’s a dungeon that can be run as a one-shot. My players took about 8 hours to get through the entire dungeon.

The beaks of Ruin campaign

The Temple of the Eye

An escape-room type dungeon with optional scoring rules. It’s a one-shot that was originally created for a tournament event. It has a timer element so you can keep it as short as you need.

The Temple of the Eye campaign

The Banshee of Conyberry

An escape-room type puzzle one-shot campaign. I originally wrote it as a side quest add-on for the Lost Mines of Phandelver campaign that comes with the D&D 5e starter set, but it works as a standalone one-shot adventure. There is little-to-no combat involved. Instead, players must interact with NPCs to discover clues to solve a mystery and end a curse.

The Banshee of Conyberry campaign

Advice for Dungeon Masters

Some advice I wrote for DMs, both old and new.

Other stuff

Handy D&D resources I’ve found online.

DM resources

Medieval Fantasy City Generator – A really cool online map generator. Beautiful design!

Maps, maps, maps! From Wizards of the Coast. I’ve been printing out a few of these so I have a map handy if my characters wander into a place I haven’t prepared for.

The Lazy DM – A great book for DMs who find themselves spending way too much time preparing for campaigns.


Free D&D 5e Adventures by Winghorn Press – There are some good one-shot adventures here and some other goodies too. I ran “A Wild Sheep Chase” and it was great fun.

Adventure search – Directory of adventures with lots of filtering options to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Trilemma Adventures – A blog by Michael Prescott where he also publishes popular adventures.

Player resources

Pre-made character sheets – Every class, every level. These are so useful when you need a high-level character quickly.

Spell card generator – Generates printable spell cards. Unless you want every spell card available for that class it does waste a lot of paper, but it’s still the best thing I’ve found for generating spell cards.